Interview with L.A. Queencore band Hit Bargain


Hit Bargain is an raucous band from Los Angeles who put on an amazing live show. Click the below to read the interview they did for Carlos V.

CV: How’d you get your name and what does it mean to you?

 HB: Artifact of era recently passed. Ghost of late capitalism. Echo Park bleed out. Hit violence. Hit on the charts. Bargain of worth, gain, a weak measure of wealth. HIT. BARGAIN. SHIT BARGAIN.

CV: It seems like you guys try break the format of what is expected at a rock show when you guys perform. Whether its incorporating S&M or nudity or performing outside of the stage. Is that a conscious thing or just spontaneous?

HB: Yes. Rock shows are a drag. We are a performance project disguised as a queencore band. Shows are rituals and seminars, community gatherings, consciousness raisers, rallies, erotic encounters, and they should never be the same or predictable or boring or tedious, or simply for the sake of profit or bar sales.

CV: None of you guys are originally from Los Angeles right?  What attracted you to live there? What do you think of it?

HB: I think Anton grew up around LA, and Sean is from the Bay. Mike is Midwest, I’m Texas, all of us by way of NYC. LA has space, it’s vast. A lot of people I know are finding their second or third act here. It still has economic tension, danger spaces, and is mostly affordable for artists, for a little while longer.

CV: It seems like you guys are very conscious of making hardcore music in L.A. Does skate culture or Dogtown and Zboys culture inspire you at all?

HB: Def.

CV: Did you enjoy the shows you did in Tijuana and Mexicali?

HB: Absolutely. I’m so grateful to Troy from Miscegenation and more for setting up these shows. And to Bastidas for being so amazing. All the bands had great shows, and I felt honored and accepted to be included with these conscious POC fronted acts. The only hitch was Chad, the drummer from Miscegenation, was the victim of a hate crime, along with his friends in San Diego. It was unreal. More unreal than seeing an armed man in a tank patrolling the border in Mexicali. It was unreal that in 2016, two drunk aggro bros can still verbally and physically assault people for being queer, in North America.

CV: What are your favorite places to hang or drink/eat in Los Angeles?

HB: Little Tokyo Galleria, Echo Park Lake, Pehrspace (relocating soon hopefully), Werk, ABC Rehearsal Studios, Human Resources, anywhere with friends 

CV: If you weren’t doing music, what would you want to do with your lives?

HB: Maybe be a midwife. Still time for that

Check out Hit Bargain on tour if you can in a city near you and on Spotify.



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